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Bits Academy’s Privacy Policy

Version 1.0. Last update December 12, 2020

General information

Bits Academy’s Privacy Policy aims to clarify the use and interaction with our website, the content available on it and how we treat your personal data.
Bits Academy is a consultancy and school for innovation and digital transformation. Our mission is to introduce people and businesses to the digital reality, in which education and awareness about privacy and protection of personal data are also fundamental.
That is why we prioritize transparency and accessibility so that the terms of our relationship are available and understandable to our customers, partners and visitors.
Our website has three main functions:

1. Present who we are, who are our customers and the services we provide;

2. Attract new customers for our services and establish a communication channel with those interested in them; and

3. Serve as a repository of quality material about our areas of expertise.

Collection and use of personal data

We seek to collect as minimum personal data as possible to achieve our objectives. However, we do collect some personal data from our users, as outlined in this policy. We guarantee that they will be used only for the purposes for which they were collected. In addition, the sale, transfer or sharing of your personal data is NOT part of our business model.

In our website we collect only the personal data necessary to contact those who express an interest in our services in data collection forms. If you enter your personal data in one of our forms, you consent to this privacy policy so that we can contact you and explain more about our services.

What kind of data do we collect?

Personal contact details

We collect personal data necessary to establish a communication with you via cell phone and/or email. In addition, we collect the personal data necessary to understand which type of service is best suited for you (e.g. which company you work for, what kind of interest you have). This data is provided by you upon consent to the terms provided for in this policy

How people navigate through our website

We map how people use our website, but this data is anonymous. This means that we are unable to identify who the person is in our site or who has browsed through it. We map this kind of behavior with tools like Google Analytics and Hotjar so we are able to improve the content we offer in the website.

Why do we collect this data in our website?

We collect the personal data mentioned so we can communicate with you about the offer of our services and upon your consent. Here are the specific reasons why we collect the data mentioned before:

Customer support: If you want to contact our team or want our team to contact you, we collect the data provided in the fields of the contact form so that we can communicate with you. This communication may be carried out by telephone or by e-mail.
Legal basis for collection: Consent (art. 7, item I of Brazilian Law No. 13709/18)

Marketing: If you subscribe to our newsletter, blog or download any of the materials and content we provide; or start the enrollment process in any of our courses, we will use your email, name and phone to send content and communicate news from Bits Academy, such as new courses, workshops, events, market research, etc. You can request to stop the contact at any time.
Legal basis for collection: Consent (art. 7, item I of Brazilian Law No. 13709/18)

Improve the experience of users of the Bits Academy website and our products and services: We analyze data to understand how we can best deliver value. This is done through anonymous analysis of heat maps and data analysis to see what kind of content people access most, where they click and how people behave when accessing our website. Despite this, there is no collection of personal data at this stage. This analysis is done with the aid of third party platforms (Google Analytics and Hotjar).
Legal basis for collection: it is not considered as personal data (art. 12, Law nº 13709/18)

How long will Bits Academy keep your personal data?

Your personal data will be kept only for the time necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected, including the purposes of compliance with legal, contractual obligations, accounting or any other request made by the competent authorities.

Personal data of people who have expressed interest in our services will be stored on a customer relationship platform (CRM) for the period in which there is communication with the customer. If there is no communication with the customer within a period of 1 year, your data will be deleted (except if such data is necessary to fulfill any legal obligation that overrides such one year period).

Data collected and / or processed by third parties

We don’t do everything by ourselves. We rely on third party services to host our website and e-mail, to enable the registration and payment of our courses / services, to understand what your demands for content / services are and to map your interaction with our site. For all these activities we need to share your data with third parties who assist us as service providers. However, you can rest assured: we only share what is strictly necessary, according to the parameters and guarantees that we present in this Policy.

Hotjar maps how people use our website so we can constantly improve it. Information such as Hotjar ID, country of access, date of access, type of equipment used for access, operational system, access time, mode of use of the site, browser used and where you found our website are collected by Hotjar. However, it is not possible to identify who you are. If you decide, on your own free will, to insert data that identifies you in some research or communication channel via Hotjar, their system will request your formal consent for such collection. We do not use this data to try to identify who you are, but to find out how many people visit our website, where they come from and what topics they find interesting.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics collects data such as visit time, pages visited and time spent on each page of our website, how you arrived at our website, type of browser used, operational system, network location and IP address. We do not use this data to try to identify who you are, but to find out how many people visit our website, where they come from and what topics they find interesting.


Engaged is a payment platform that allows us to follow your enrollment process in our courses. This platform collects your name, e-mail and phone number so that we can assist you once you expressed an interest in enrolling in any of our courses. This platform collects registration data so that it is possible to make a payment through the platform and so we can contact you in order to help you enroll in our courses.

Registration data for billing

Data such as name, surname, e-mail, telephone, credit card data, date of birth, taxpayer’s number and zip code for collection may be requested by the payment method platforms we use, such as Engaged and Asaas. Our team will also be able to request data directly to enable a financing method or bank transfer. Under no circumstances will Bits Academy collect personal financial data, except for the bank details required for payment (bank, branch, CPF and current account). If you enter credit card data at Engaged or Asaas and / or financial data at a partner lender (Provi or Acredite), Bits Academy will not have any access to that data.

Data storage

Your personal data will be stored on two different platforms:
Customer Relationship Management Platform (CRM)

We use Monday platform as our CRM tool..

Our commercial, marketing and financial teams have access to the data stored in this platform so that Bits Academy can operate normally and provide you quality service.

Mailing Platform

We use the RD Station platform to send emails to our customers.

Our commercial and marketing teams have access to this platform to send emails with news, information, and services from Bits Academy.

Information security

We adopt strict information security criteria to prevent data leakage or misuse of personal data. Our team is constantly trained and reminded of the importance of keeping data safe and we have our own information security policy.


What are Cookies?

They are small text files stored in your browser that allow our website to recognize and remember your browsing preferences.

Benefits of using Cookies?

Cookies will be saved in your browser and, once you visit our website again, it will recognize your previously set options and preferences, including keeping your account connected or remembering your registration credentials.

What happens if you reject Cookies?

If you reject the use of cookies, you can still access our website, but some of the functions may not work correctly.

We use cookies and you will always have the possibility to adjust your browser settings to disable cookies or delete them. If enabled, Bits Academy (and the third parties mentioned above) may issue cookies from the moment you interact with our website.

You can rest assured, we only collect data needed for the functioning of our website and for measuring access metrics. We do not share this data with third parties, other than those responsible for the cookies themselves and the third party providers mentioned above. We also do not create profile analysis or identify you from cookies – this would require time and work that we do not have.

Disposal of personal data

From the moment you make an exclusion request or when personal data is no longer needed or relevant to offer you our services, all personal data collected will be deleted from our servers, unless there is any other reason for maintaining it, such as in the case we have a legal obligation to retain personal data or the need to preserve it to safeguard the rights of Bits Academy.

Social networks

At Bits Academy we use e-mails and social networks to publicize and communicate our activities, specifically: Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram.

Amendments to this Privacy Policy

Bits Academy may change this Policy at any time. To make it easier, whenever you analyze it, pay attention to the top of the page – where we highlight the date of the last update. If any changes are relevant and give rise to the need for new consents, we will inform you in advance, in order to ensure due consent.

Hey, come check your personal data!

Anyone can request access to its own personal data when it is stored and processed by Bits Academy. This data will be made available upon request by e-mail within 5 (five) working days, provided that the user proves that it is who it really claims to be with a valid document and provided that it provides a valid e-mail to send the information. A user can also request to change its data in Bits Academy’s database.

Any situation regarding personal data must be communicated to the email Data Protection Officer (DPO): Erik Fontenele Nybo
This privacy policy is made under Brazilian Law and such Law shall apply to any conflict that may arise with you and Bits Academy. Any conflicts shall be solved by a Brazilian Court, in Portuguese language, in the city of São Paulo.

Since we have some of your personal data, here is some of ours too:

Bits Academy
Marik Assessoria e Treinamento Ltda.
CNPJ 35.070.508/0001-40
Fidêncio Ramos St, 101, conj. 103
Vila Olímpia–São Paulo, SP
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Data Protection Officer (DPO): Erik Fontenele Nybo